Let’s round things up


Round and around we go. From top to bottom:
Handmade Felt Rainbow Garland from Littlenestbox,
A Patterned Magnet Set made by Leah Goren,
Geometric brooch handmade by Jenn from Upper Tiny,
A Girl Pocket mirror by Depeapa,
Upcycled Blue Swallows Candlestick from Loglike.

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Peas and Pots

In the mood for some color like me? These will brighten up you and your home!

→ First one on the left, a beautiful photo with a Large raindrops serving platter from Nina’s shop. She says it herself: ceramics, color and creative designs (read: a lot of fun!) that’s what Nina in vorm is all about.
⌲ Next, a handmade wooden rainbow toy from Outside Everywhere, that will brighten up every gray day for sure!
◈ A Canning Jar pendant with veggies from the Yellow Owl Workshop, a happy healthy thing to wear. And it comes in a nice reusable packaging too: a thin glass tube with a cork.
◑ Everything that Jenn from Upper tiny touches becomes funky and fun like this Banana Fade Moleskin notebook.
» Yes, Give Peas a Chance! Okay, I’m buying this one and Gemma Correll you are awesome!
⚀ And on the bottom, Potted Succulents from the Etsy shop Little Canoe. In the item details it says that the print will remind you of summer all year through, exactly what I want!

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Off you go Morning fog

It’s been so long but I’m here again! Hi!
This post is a little ode to my Morning fog reproductions. I’ve sold five in the last couple of weeks to Australia, England, Finland and The Netherlands and now they are all sold out! I had a fun time making them and I hope that the buyers will enjoy them. Above a photo of the last package that I’ve sent out and at the bottom Morning fog itself.

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Today’s brooch

Today’s brooch is a handmade wooden feather brooch from Outside Everywhere!
They are a fun shop on Etsy who sell wooden toys and jewelry. One of the fun things is that their goods are eco friendly, they are made of sustainably-harvested poplar (local) wood and painted with high-quality AP certified non-toxic watercolors. Check out their shop for lots of brooches and cool toys!

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Spot on, our new studio

In my last post I promised you some pictures of our new studio and here they are!
We got a space in a former coffee factory at the Joan Muyskenweg in the south of Amsterdam. I can’t say it enough: I love our big windows, the light is sooo nice! It’s been six weeks since we moved and we have so much space that we’re still moving things around and finding the right place for everything. While I’m writing this Thijs is fixing us some ceiling lighting on a very high ladder (the ceiling is 5,5 meters high!). Next on our list is a fully functioning kitchen! It’s a fun process making the space our own, improving and adding things. Yes, this is our spot.

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Starting spring with summer ingredients

I’m back! It’s really been too long. It’s a new beginning for me at our new studio (pictures soon in my next blog post) and to kick this off: a brand new blog post with a summer feel! The beautiful items and pictures above give me such a happy vibe, because all we need in summer is legs, feet and icecream right? And a bag and phone of course :)
+ Clutch Libro Petit Prince, I want this bag for lots of reasons I will give you two: it’s pretty and it’s a book bag.
Black Cat iPhone Case, I love everything that Leah Gorens makes, yes everything.
+ Popsicle project, a fun print made by Carmyn Joys that breathes summer.
From Where I Stand, a print with beautiful light and colors made by Stephanie Somebody.
I follow Carmyn and Stephanie on Instagram and discovered they both have an Etsy shop where they sell their wonderful photos!

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White Keys

Wednesday I heard this (in one word: beautiful!), piano song on the radio called ‘Rideaux Lunaires’ by Chilly Gonzales. We bought the album the song is on and now listen to it everyday, so I just had to share his music with you. There is not really a good video of Rideaux Lunaires so instead above you see a video of his song ‘White Keys’. I like how his music takes you on a little journey in each song.
When my brother heard his name he immediately said Speedy Gonzales? The fun thing is that I had the same association, I guess it is our childhood cartoon watching history together :) Have a nice Saturday!

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From machinery to gym attributes


I surprised myself by making this collage! I love the feel of it, much like some earlier paintings of mine (some are in my Etsy shop). The images I used are from my fiancee’s image archive that he collects for inspiration. He finds his images in books, magazines and on the internet and the topics vary from machinery, wooden constructions, lamps, interiors, to gym attributes. It’s a wonderful archive so that’s why now and then I will share some of these image(s) with you.

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Which three should go to print?

In my previous post ‘A second life in print’ I mentioned that I want to choose three compositions out of my archive for making offset printed cards out of them.
I have to admit I’m not that great at choosing when it comes to my own work. And in this case there is lots to choose from, somewhere around 60 compositions :) I’ve narrowed it down to the 7 shown above and as you can see I’ve made a little composition out of them (I love doing that!).
Now you guys come in (if you like): I would really like it if you let me know which one you would like to become a printed card. You can choose your top three or just one, and if you don’t see (the) one you like check my Instagram account @francagarrels or http://instagram.com/francagarrels for other compositions.

If one of the compositions of your choice ends up being printed, I’ll send it to you as a gift! Thanks in advance for your input!

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A second life in print

A little update on one of the things I’m working on right now.
I want to give the compositions that I make a second life by making offset printed cards out of them, and selling them at my Etsy shop. Above you see my first attempt that I had printed at FlyerAlarm (upper card). I don’t like it, the color, the white border around it, the finish, so the this card was not a success. And then I realized that I liked the color and the matte finish of my business cards (lower card) much better which I had printed at Offsetkopie.

So my next steps are going to be:
1 – Order a new test print at Offsetkopie (the same size as the first card in the photo with the color and matte finish of the second card).
2 – Choose three compositions out of my archive to start with.

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