Bye 2011

Beautiful things of the past year – I treasure you and I’m bringing you with me to 2012!

1 We bought our first car and I’ve got my drivers license! 2 A wonderful holiday on Corse. 3 Since this year I only use care products with natural ingredients. 4 We are engaged! My fiancee made the drawing, it’s one of many fun notes he made for me this year. 5 I’m sooo happy that my brother is back home! 6 These cute erasers from Iwako represent my favorite Japanese restaurant Zen. 7 The amazing feeling that three of the works I made went overseas to the U.S.! 8 Hearing Jens Lekman play: wow! Better than his cd’s even.
9 We saved and saved up for our new couch, it’s here now and we love it!

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