What bag? – Dean by Ally Capellino

I wouldn’t mind to have all the bags and accessories that Ally Capellino ever designed and made! I’m in love with her style, her sense for from, color (combinations), material and detail. I use my Dean, the sturdy rucksack on the left, almost everyday. The bag is made of waxed canvas and has beautiful leather details such as the bridle closures, the handle and the ends of the drawstring opening. It has a good size, for carrying around a bit to a lot, and handy pockets for keeping small things in.
My most recent purchase from her is a leather purse for my iPhone. My previous phone sleeve had an open top and my phone would slip out all the time (giving it the possibility to mingle with my keychain!). I’m also a bit of a dropping everything out of my hands kind of type so this purse solves both problems and it’s so good-looking at the same time! Yesterday I discovered that her new collection of bags is in and that she has a new website too, which looks wonderful!

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