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For me looking at all kinds of art is inspiring, and it is useful to know and express what you like and don’t like. It’s also very instructive for learning new methods and techniques. Two weeks ago I went to the KunstRAI in Amsterdam and after that I had a big boost, lots of ideas and excitement for making new things! I rambled on about it the whole way home :) Above you see the works and artists that I want to share with you (and I’ve added them to my favorite works/artists list!).

1. A necklace made by Melanie Isverding, it’s laser cut and the inside is covered with silver dust. You can’t see this on the photo but when the light falls on the necklace it has a beautiful sparkle. 2. Jantje Fleischhut made this wonderful brooch titled ‘A moon above’. I was already a fan of her and her work, we met when she and my fiancé made my engagement ring together! 3. I’m totally in love with this work called ‘Part of Roaming the unknown 1’ made by Frode Bolhuis. It’s so beautifully made and it has a delicate narrative feel to it. 4. Jurriaan Molenaar made this painting called ‘Aside’. I like the light, the space that he creates and the supertight way in which he paints.

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  1. Thanks for the fresh input, always inspiring to see new work!

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