Inside and out, the amazing Hombroich

A couple of weeks ago we (Thijs, his mother and me) went to Museum Insel Hombroich and it was amazing, I highly recommend everyone to go there! It’s an open air museum in Holzheim near Neuss, Germany. The landscape, designed by Bernhard Korte, consists out of different kind of landscape types like English gardens, forest and wet biotopes. While you walk trough the peaceful landscape you come across high buildings of different sizes where you can see all kinds of art. In the amazing filtered light from the rooflights we saw sculptures, paintings, etching, furniture, felt objects and more. Several times Thijs and I looked at each other wishing that we would have such a building as our studio space some day.
The picture above is from the Stiftung Insel Hombroich website. I think this picture brings the outside and the inside, the landscape and the spaces with art perfectly together.

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  1. Iris Vank says:

    Dus een designer heeft de tuinen ontworpen als ik het goed begrijp? Klinkt gaaf!

    • franca says:

      Ontworpen door een landschap architect, is ook een designer inderdaad :) Ja het is echt een aanrader, mooie omgeving, kunstwerken en een lekkere lunch!

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