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Off you go Morning fog

It’s been so long but I’m here again! Hi!
This post is a little ode to my Morning fog reproductions. I’ve sold five in the last couple of weeks to Australia, England, Finland and The Netherlands¬†and now they are all sold out! I had a fun time making them and I hope that the buyers will enjoy them.¬†Above a photo of the last package that I’ve sent out and at the bottom Morning fog itself.

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Starting spring with summer ingredients

I’m back! It’s really been too long. It’s a new beginning for me at our new studio (pictures soon in my next¬†blog post) and to kick this off: a brand new blog post with a summer feel! The beautiful items and pictures above give me such a happy vibe, because all we need in summer is legs, feet and icecream right? And a bag and phone of course :)
+ Clutch Libro Petit Prince, I want this bag for lots of reasons I will give you two: it’s pretty and it’s a book bag.
+ Black Cat iPhone Case, I love everything that Leah Gorens makes, yes everything.
+ Popsicle project, a fun print made by Carmyn Joys that breathes summer.
+ From Where I Stand, a print with beautiful light and colors made by Stephanie Somebody.
I follow Carmyn and Stephanie on Instagram and discovered they both have an Etsy shop where they sell their wonderful photos!

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White Keys

Wednesday I heard this (in one word: beautiful!), piano song on the radio called ‚ÄėRideaux Lunaires‚Äô by Chilly Gonzales. We bought the album the song is on and now listen to it everyday, so I just had to share his music with you. There is not really a good video of¬†Rideaux Lunaires so instead above you see a video of his song ‚ÄėWhite Keys‚Äô. I like how his music takes you on a little¬†journey¬†in each song.
When my brother heard his name he immediately said Speedy Gonzales? The fun thing is that I had the same association, I guess it is our childhood cartoon watching history together :) Have a nice Saturday!

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Paper fantastic

Paper is just such an awesome material!

I have a big admiration for artists that work with paper and make wonderful things with it. These are my current three favorites, from top to bottom.

(1) The paper city called New Tysons is made by the duo Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann going by the name Zim&Zou. I stumbled upon them on the Pikaland blog and I was an instant fan.
(2) Kate slater makes collages and paper-cuts, The secret garden is one of my favorites. Her images trigger your imagination, they take you to another wonderful world.
(3) The last work is made by Sarah Illenberger. Sarah makes amazing images where she recreates everyday objects out of surprising materials. This is one is a true joy to look at, it¬†shows the ingredients for ‚ÄėChilli con carne‚Äô made out of paper.

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Fresh input!

For me looking at all kinds of art is inspiring, and it is useful to know and express what you like and don’t like. It’s also very instructive for learning new methods and techniques.¬†Two weeks ago I went to the KunstRAI in Amsterdam and after that I had a big boost, lots of ideas and excitement for making new things! I rambled on about it the whole way home :) Above you see¬†the works and artists that I want to share with you (and I‚Äôve added them to my favorite works/artists list!).

1. A necklace made by¬†Melanie Isverding, it‚Äôs laser cut and the inside is covered with silver dust. You can’t see this on the photo but when the light falls on the necklace it has a beautiful sparkle. 2. Jantje Fleischhut made this wonderful¬†brooch titled ‚ÄėA moon above‚Äô. I was already a fan of her and her work, we met when she and my fianc√© made¬†my engagement ring together!¬†3. I’m totally in love with this work called¬†‚ÄėPart of Roaming the unknown 1‚Äô made by Frode Bolhuis. It’s so beautifully made and it has a delicate narrative feel to it.¬†4. Jurriaan Molenaar made this painting called ‚ÄėAside‚Äô. I like the light, the space that he creates and the supertight way in which he paints.

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Folding forms

I‚Äôve been all into geometric and¬†folded shapes this past week. It’s crazy, I see them everywhere! So I decided to show you guys the most beautiful things I‚Äôve come across.

The amazing hand folded lamp named Moth is from¬†Studio Snowpuppe.¬†The super cute want-to-have Squirrel origami pin is from¬†The little dr√∂mstore. Andrea Simic makes beautiful delicate¬†jewelry like this¬†necklace called Pyramid Illusion. She sells it in her Etsy shop¬†MIRTA. The polyhedra jotter is from the wonderful webshop¬†Present & Correct, I have to say it: I love their product photos!¬†Lenneke Wispelwey¬†made the¬†pastel porcelain¬†cups ‚Äėstar & stripes‚Äô I love the fact that they are part of a bigger family of porcelains. And the last one in the row is a work called Altered Book Folded Paper Sculpture from¬†yinsteadofi, another store on Etsy.
The photos of the lamp and the cups I used are from the (web)shop & designshop, they’ve got nice products and have done some very good product photography as well!

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A week of building fun things!

This week the upcoming Etsy Showroom gave me a gentle push to work harder on getting some work finished. I’ve also been building nice wooden constructions to display my work on, I’ll post some pictures soon! For now check out my newest work Evening view!

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Something is growing: Etsy Showroom

I’m participating in the first Etsy Showroom in the Netherlands, yay! There are so many other wonderful participants that I’ve chosen a few shops to give you a little taste.

The first one in the list is Factory on the Moon where you can find handmade jewelry of recycled materials like this super cute cloudy brooch. The notebook with a photo print in the shape of a leaf is from Puur Anders, the handmade work in this shop has a beautiful lightness to it.
The¬†zeppelin floating above the mountains is one of three of a postcard set made by de Krantenkapper. They (two sisters) design all fun things on paper and everything that has to do¬†with¬†paper. And yes, the fantastic¬†spirograph is¬†another brooch! It’s from the shop trincar uvas and beautifully handmade.¬†Second Hand Sandy is such a fun name and¬†says it all, the shop sells vintage dinnerware and other vintage things. I love this pretty plate and I so want it!
The big big pillow is from the shop¬†Studio Lilesadi, don’t you just want to¬†cuddle¬†this one! They (twin sisters) make funky prints and¬†silkscreen¬†them by hand on all kind of fabric products. The diagonal photo shows a necklace named the Big Dipper/ Ursa Major. The shop Twinklebird sells a lot of beautiful and delicate¬†jewelry¬†but I’m totally in love with this one. Etsy makes sure that I want and buy a lot! My list is long..

Do you want to know more about the Dutch Etsy Showroom and the lovely Dutch shops? You can read all about it on the Dutch Handmade website. Or else just click on the names of the shops listed above and have fun!

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Amaze me compositions

You guys know that I’m totally into making compositions (I have even got a category named that way).¬†And for inspiration I’m always on the look out for all kinds of compositions made by or devised by¬†photographers, artists and lots of others who like making compositions!

A very good example is the amazing work (big photo) of Scheltens & Abbenes. You see a photo with a composition of several objects that can be found in a home. They made this photo for an editorial assignment for the Beaux Arts Magazine in 2004. The things I admire most in their photographs are the perfectly balanced and positioned objects, the playfulness of how they deal with their objects (they come up with the most wonderful shapes), the perfect alignment and I love their neat aesthetics.

They are a couple, professional and private, and I can imagine that they complement each other in many ways like my partner and I do :-) The small photo is an example of that, he has made the fun packaging for my birthday presents, and I’ve made the composition and the photo.

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Dried leaves

On Etsy I came across this lovely work called ‚ÄėBits of autumn‚Äô (first photo),¬†by Romina Bacci at her shop¬†Miles Of Light. She makes nature inspired photographic art prints.
Looking at her work brought back some fun memories from school. The process of drying all kinds of leaves and flowers between paper¬†underneath big heavy books. Going on a search for names and¬†species. And once they dried you would stick them on paper and write the correct name down with them.¬†The second thing I immediately related her work to is this¬†book I own called ‚ÄėBomen en Struiken‚Äô,¬†the English translation would be: ‚ÄėTrees and Shrubs‚Äô (second photo). The book has a big fun factor because the layout is so playful, every spread has a funky composition, different sized photos and little fun drawings.

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