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Off you go Morning fog

It’s been so long but I’m here again! Hi!
This post is a little ode to my Morning fog reproductions. I’ve sold five in the last couple of weeks to Australia, England, Finland and The Netherlands and now they are all sold out! I had a fun time making them and I hope that the buyers will enjoy them. Above a photo of the last package that I’ve sent out and at the bottom Morning fog itself.

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Spot on, our new studio

In my last post I promised you some pictures of our new studio and here they are!
We got a space in a former coffee factory at the Joan Muyskenweg in the south of Amsterdam. I can’t say it enough: I love our big windows, the light is sooo nice! It’s been six weeks since we moved and we have so much space that we’re still moving things around and finding the right place for everything. While I’m writing this Thijs is fixing us some ceiling lighting on a very high ladder (the ceiling is 5,5 meters high!). Next on our list is a fully functioning kitchen! It’s a fun process making the space our own, improving and adding things. Yes, this is our spot.

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A second life in print

A little update on one of the things I’m working on right now.
I want to give the compositions that I make a second life by making offset printed cards out of them, and selling them at my Etsy shop. Above you see my first attempt that I had printed at FlyerAlarm (upper card). I don’t like it, the color, the white border around it, the finish, so the this card was not a success. And then I realized that I liked the color and the matte finish of my business cards (lower card) much better which I had printed at Offsetkopie.

So my next steps are going to be:
1 – Order a new test print at Offsetkopie (the same size as the first card in the photo with the color and matte finish of the second card).
2 – Choose three compositions out of my archive to start with.

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Meet our new tool!

A while ago we bought a new machine for our workshop that lets us cut parts from woods and plastics. It’s called a cnc milling machine, and is controlled from a computer. The machine came as a kitset, and it took a little while before everything was put together and ready to go. We really needed to find some time to get everything right for the machine to work properly. And two weeks ago the big moment was there, it was all up and running! On the left photo you see the first try outs in woods and plastic and on the right you see the machine itself.

It creates some amazing possibilites, and also makes simple tasks alot easier and far more precise! For example; in the lower photo you see a piece of aircraft grade plywood that was cut using the machine. I’ve used it as the backside for my latest work. The measurements were spot on, and the finish is so much smoother than sawing by hand. And the fun has just begun!

Now we’re off to Berlin for a couple of days, see you after the weekend!

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A week of building fun things!

This week the upcoming Etsy Showroom gave me a gentle push to work harder on getting some work finished. I’ve also been building nice wooden constructions to display my work on, I’ll post some pictures soon! For now check out my newest work Evening view!

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To draw a curtain

A little peek into my working process. I collect imagery of windows, and use this as source material for my artwork. When I see a window that I like in a newspaper or a magazine I cut everything around it away until I have only the part left that interests me most, to me it’s all about the window.

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Big bench – Small bench

Hi! Meet our new big self-made workbench. The smaller one, also self-made, we’ve outgrown for some time now, so we made the same one but bigger. About the size, I know it was big but while making the photo’s and seeing the two together I realized it’s huge!
I’m so happy with it, it has the perfect standing height and it’s very sturdy (it doesn’t move while leaning or pushing it). When it was finished I immediately put it into use. And don’t worry about the smaller one, we will still use it. Also, as you can see in the third picture, the two of them get along quite well!

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De deur

‘De deur’ is the Dutch translation of ‘the door’. These are two doors out of my image collection: on the left is a book cover designed by Dick Bruna, on the right a picture out of a magazine on interior architecture. Doors with light behind them just have something very appealing, it’s like a warm welcome.

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Hello 2012!

These are some of the things I’ll definitely be doing in 2012!

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Then there was white

On sunday we moved to our new studio! These are before and after photos of the space. Yes the walls and the ceiling were black.. three coats of paint later it was white, yeeeahhh! Thank you to all the wonderful people that have helped to realise this!
The white closed cabinet you see in the photos is filled with stuff from the people we rent the space from. On one side of the space we have our partner desk and comfy couch, on the other side is the kitchen and a little workshop.

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