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Which three should go to print?

In my previous post ‘A second life in print’ I mentioned that I want to choose three compositions out of my archive for making offset printed cards out of them.
I have to admit I’m not that great at choosing when it comes to my own work. And in this case there is lots to choose from, somewhere around 60 compositions :) I’ve narrowed it down to the 7 shown above and as you can see I’ve made a little composition out of them (I love doing that!).
Now you guys come in (if you like): I would really like it if you let me know which one you would like to become a printed card. You can choose your top three or just one, and if you don’t see (the) one you like check my Instagram account @francagarrels or for other compositions.

If one of the compositions of your choice ends up being printed, I’ll send it to you as a gift! Thanks in advance for your input!

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A second life in print

A little update on one of the things I’m working on right now.
I want to give the compositions that I make a second life by making offset printed cards out of them, and selling them at my Etsy shop. Above you see my first attempt that I had printed at FlyerAlarm (upper card). I don’t like it, the color, the white border around it, the finish, so the this card was not a success. And then I realized that I liked the color and the matte finish of my business cards (lower card) much better which I had printed at Offsetkopie.

So my next steps are going to be:
1 – Order a new test print at Offsetkopie (the same size as the first card in the photo with the color and matte finish of the second card).
2 – Choose three compositions out of my archive to start with.

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Happy boost

I always get a happy boost when I’ve created something new out of items I have at home, it’s such a fun activity! Above you see the two compositions that I’ve made last week, the first is on the kitchen table, the second on a shelf in the study.

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On display

I love to make a display of little nice things that I collect and have lying around. This a composition I’ve made out some of my wallets!

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The pretty things that bring joy

These photos show a glimpse of our home. I often find myself just looking around at all the pretty things that bring joy and make it our home.

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Amaze me compositions

You guys know that I’m totally into making compositions (I have even got a category named that way). And for inspiration I’m always on the look out for all kinds of compositions made by or devised by photographers, artists and lots of others who like making compositions!

A very good example is the amazing work (big photo) of Scheltens & Abbenes. You see a photo with a composition of several objects that can be found in a home. They made this photo for an editorial assignment for the Beaux Arts Magazine in 2004. The things I admire most in their photographs are the perfectly balanced and positioned objects, the playfulness of how they deal with their objects (they come up with the most wonderful shapes), the perfect alignment and I love their neat aesthetics.

They are a couple, professional and private, and I can imagine that they complement each other in many ways like my partner and I do :-) The small photo is an example of that, he has made the fun packaging for my birthday presents, and I’ve made the composition and the photo.

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Composition one to nine

These are the compositions I’ve made over the past three weeks, the photos were taken with Instagram.

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Happy holidays!

This is our christmas stable, it’s a design from Dick Bruna (the father of Miffy) and of course I added some fun ingredients of my own. Happy holidays to you!

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Midnight mini exhibition

At midnight I made this mini exhibition of fun self-made and collected items.

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Pear launch and a framed birdie

Two compositions that we made and really enjoy on our cupboard at home. The salt and pepper is from marktplaats and designed by Rut Bryk for Rosenthal Germany (1973), the pear is from Haba, the plastic round tray is second-hand. The frame on the right with a view on two rooms is a work I made, the birdie is from a small shop in Florence at the Dome that sells christmas cribs, the felt is from Vlieger.

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